Should I Spend or Stack ZEC?

Pay With Zcash
2 min readJun 7, 2022


Spend or Stack?

The struggle is real. Why spend Zcash if you believe it will be worth more in the future?

Here’s the thing. I don’t think spending and stacking are oppositional.

Here’s why.

As long as you’re going to buy a thing anyway, the method of payment does not give you any significant extra money to invest or do other things.

If you’re going to buy a website domain, you can use Zcash at Njalla instead of dollars at GoDaddy. Either way, you have just as much wealth after doing so.

If you’re going to buy hot sauce, you can order from FYM Hot Sauce instead of using dollars at Whole Foods. When you’re at Chipotle, you can pull out your SPEDN app instead of a credit card. Instead of being a product of big data tracking systems, you can take control of your expenses and make them private and consensual.

Zcash can be acquired before or after paying expenses. If you’re buying things you’d normally buy anyway, then exchanging your capital to Zcash earlier in the process does not materially change how much gets stacked at the end of the process.

ZEC can travel through the whole personal financial process! It can be earned, it can be spent, and it can be saved. And when ZEC travels through the whole process, Zcash becomes an empowering alternative to a broken financial system. It becomes a source of freedom that enables autonomy over a person’s creative potential, their spirit, and their productivity.