Top 10 Places to buy food and drink with Zcash

Pay With Zcash
2 min readJun 21, 2023

Ever have a craving for a guilty pleasure, and someone, somewhere, is not going to approve? Or you just want to use money that is digital, private, and secure?

The good news is there are several places to buy food or drinks with Zcash, as of June 2023.

  1. Dunkin Donuts — Dunkin’ accepts Zcash through the SPEDN app at over 12,000 locations in the United States. At my local Dunkin’, the app has always worked flawlessly, for years. I just pull out my QR code and they scan it.
  2. Chipotle — Chipotle started accepting Zcash payments last summer, also through Flexa’s SPEDN app. At Chipotle, you may need to tell them you’re paying with a gift card or e-payment, so they can select that option on their register. Then just pull up the QR code on the SPEDN app and scan.
  3. FYM Hot sauce — You can order really good hot sauce online from Portland, Oregon, and pay with Zcash. FYM is made with habanero peppers and other high quality ingredients. The owner is crypto friendly and sometimes will throw in a free bottle when you purchase with cryptocurrency. The website uses Coinbase Commerce, which doesn’t support Zcash, but for a direct payment of Zcash you can contact them by Twitter or email (
  4. La Pasta — La Pasta is a vendor at the Seattle farmers market that accepts Zcash and other cryptos. If you’re in Seattle, get yourself some fresh pasta.
  5. B&N Cafe — Not many people know you can use Zcash at some Starbucks cafes. The catch is, it’s only the Starbucks locations inside Barnes & Noble stores.
  6. Red Rock Cafe — Locally owned coffeeshop in Boulder, Colorado. After you buy your coffee with ZEC, don’t forget to tip the staff with ZEC.
  7. Able Ebeneezer — A craft brewery in New Hampshire that has been accepting crypto payments for over two years.
  8. SheEmprende — Gastronomic blogger and member of the Zcash en Español group. Find Sheila on for lots of creative food ideas.
  9. Chocolates by Rosa M Rangel — Chocolates, bakery items, and pastries. Rosa is a member of the Zcash en Español group.
  10. Crewe Honey — If you’re in the United Kingdom, Crewe Honey will ship local raw honey and beeswax products.

Last updated June 21, 2023