Pay With Zcash
1 min readAug 29, 2023


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I’d like to suggest / revisit a UX tweak for all Zcash wallets, and that is to add the ability to do FIO username lookups.

This would give users the option to use theirname@Zcash, and send to usernames. Why this works uniquely well with Zcash? If a username is mapped to a shielded Zcash address, the FIO username adds convenience without giving any information about a users balance or history.

Edge wallet already incorporates FIO lookups, as well as the ability to create FIO usernames and mapping. In Edge, in the send-to field, type paul@edge or eric@zcash, and the wallet queries the FIO blockchain and populates the address, instantly.

To give an example of why this might be important- in my business, I have many clients who pay on a regular schedule, but refuse set up electronic bank transfers. Why? It’s difficult. But, they will gladly use Zelle or Venmo to send payments. Sending to a name or email is good UX, and it’s easier.

The @zcash FIO domain is publicly available, so anyone, today, can make a username using the @zcash domain. joe@zcash, bobtrezor@zcash, 10zec@zcash, etc. You can do it in Edge wallet or at FIO’s web interface.