VPNs worldwide that accept Zcash

Pay With Zcash
2 min readSep 18, 2022

It’s quite nice that many VPNs (virtual private networks) worldwide accept Zcash for payment. As of September 2022, there are at least 11 Zcash-accepting VPN services. I manually reviewed each one. This list is for information purposes only, not endorsements of any kind.

  1. Xeovo https://xeovo.com/ Xeovo is a self-funded VPN company based in Finland. 16 locations worldwide with 31 total servers. Supports WireGuard and OpenVPN. Good installation tutorial videos on their site under resources.
  2. Nice VPShttps://nicevps.net. in Netherlands & Switzerland, offers privacy oriented hosting, VPS, zero-log VPN, and domain ownership services. Zcash is one of 9 coins they accept directly, and they do not use a 3rd party payment processor.
  3. Bolehhttps://www.bolehvpn.net/ Boleh uses unique obfuscation technology to hide the fact that you’re even using a VPN. 35 servers in 12 countries. Operating since 2007. Unknown base of operations, they just say offshore outside the 5 eyes.
  4. Earth VPNhttps://www.earthvpn.com/. Based in Northern Cyprus. Earth VPN operates their own fibre network within Cyprus. Servers in 54 countries and 190 locations. No Logs Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed P2P / Torrents Enabled.
  5. oVPNhttps://vcp.ovpn.to/. 16 servers. oVPN is a bit more technical, not for beginners. Users must download OpenVPN software to use this service. All major OS and devices are supported, except routers. Servers are inter-connected with tinc-VPN and you can chain and randomize SOCKS5/HTTP between servers.
  6. VPN Surfhttps://vpn.surf/. 11 countries, 28 locations. Apps for Windows/Mac, Android, iOS, no browser extensions or routers. Free 7 days with a mobile application available. Payments page froze when I selected Zcash to pay, not sure what happened there.
  7. Windscribe https://windscribe.com/. You can download a free VPN and ad-blocker at Windscribe, or they accept Zcash payment for a pro account with access to all Windscribe VPN servers.
  8. WideVPNhttps://widevpn.com/. WideVPN has worldwide servers powered by Wireguard. Also offers double hops to connect through two different servers.
  9. Anonine — https://anonine.com/. Anonine has been a VPN service for over a decade. Based in Sweden with servers in 30+ countries. Sign up with just an email address. Anonine’s parent company also owns Froot VPN.
  10. Froot VPNhttps://frootvpn.com/. 31 countries available. Based in Seychelles. Front’s parent company also owns Anonine. Easy-hide-IP.
  11. Whoerhttps://whoer.net/. Accepting ZEC payments since 2018. Servers in 21 countries. DoubleVPN provides 2 different points of encryption.

Last updated: September 20, 2022